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VIP Ship/Travel: Inside UK/EU

(1) Let the exhibition manager know which company you are using to ship.

(2) Please include this email contact on the form:

(3) Include exhibition labels and a hanging plan in with your shipping if you are not hanging yourself. Also, include a copy of the hanging plan on the front of the box.

(4) Fill in the description section about your products on the waybill or your work will be held for months at customs.

(5) Read the detailed section in the handbook if you are driving to London and double check the congestion zone.

What to include before you ship your work:

 - Do include: The email address on the documentation:

 - Do include: your name on the front of the box.

 - Do include: Exhibition labels and hanging plan.

 - Do include: A copy of your hanging plan stuck on the front of the box.

What not to include:

 - Do not include Return labels. These always get lost. You must send a digital copy by email when requested by the shipping department.

The address to ship to is:

Parallax Art Fair

c/o SafeStore

29 Seagrave Road




Parcels must arrive between 22 -28 January.

When your shipping arrives, the shipping department will notify you.