Ship/Travel: Outside UK/EU

This section includes:

1) Travelling to the UK with Your Work

2) Shipping your work to the UK


(a) Check if you need a visa. (This usually does not apply to USA and CANZUK countries.)

(b) You must declare work at the UK border and pay VAT tax.

You can either:

- Contact Richard at Five Star Freight before you travel to get an EORI number and talk about what you need to do for his fee:

Richard Hopkins

Five Star Freight Systems Ltd

The Mill, Horton Road

Stanwell Moor, Middlesex

TW19 6BJ

Tel:  01753 686901

Fax: 01753 686801


- Get an EORI number online. It is free:

Always declare your work “Temporary Admission” and describe it as “Handmade and contemporary work”. This means you may qualify for VAT at 5%.

Make sure you have a detailed itemised list for customs if you are bringing jewellery or lots of small items and the total value is over £5000. Please make sure you check regulations for silver items.  

After the fair, you can claim back the VAT tax on any items you did not sell using your EORI number.  


(a) As of May 2017, we do not accept shipments from Fedex or DHL.

Alternative shippers, and much cheaper, are UPS, EMS or your National

Postal Service. Box Brothers in the USA are also reasonably priced.

Let the exhibition manager know which company you are using.

(b) You must pre-pay VAT tax.

We will not accept any parcel that has not pre-paid tax. You pre-pay the taxes and duties by ticking the relevant boxes on the waybill and including your account number.

You can claim back tax using an EORI number. Get an EORI number online. It is free:

If you are using “Pack and Send” or another third party shipper, please contact us. If your shipper has told you that taxes are paid on arrival, this is not strictly the case.

If you are using your National Postal Service or EMS you cannot pre-pay. Instead, they will deliver to the UK border. Royal Mail will then send us a bill for the custom duties and ancillary charges, if any. We will send you the bill by email, you pay the tax by card, and then Royal Mail will deliver the parcel to us

How is tax worked out?

VAT is a sales tax for goods sold in the UK. You are pre-paying this tax as a temporary deposit. It is based on the total value of your work + the shipping cost and is usually 20% (but it can be 5%). You can claim this tax back on any item you do not sell using your EORI number. Sometimes, if the value of your work is not high, customs will overlook the charge.

(c) Write “For Temporary Admission for an exhibition” on your waybill if you have an EORI number and want to claim back tax. Include your EORI number somewhere.

(d) Fill in the description section about your products on the waybill or your work will be held for months. Make sure you describe somewhere that it is “Handmade” and  “Contemporary art work [or whatever product you make]”.   

What to include before you ship your work:

 - Do include: The email address on the documentation:

 - Do include: your name on the front of the box.

 - Do include: Exhibition labels and hanging plan.

 - Do include: A copy of your hanging plan stuck on the front of the box.

What not to include:

 - Do not include Return labels. These always get lost. You must send a digital copy by email when requested by the shipping department.

The address to ship to is:

Parallax Art Fair

c/o SafeStore

29 Seagrave Road




Parcels must arrive between 4-10 January 2019.

When your shipping arrives, the shipping department will notify you.