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Can I Ship My Work and Not Attend?

Yes, you can ship and not attend. There are various options for hiring a technician on the application form too, but you can get a friend to hang for you to save money.

This is the general process:

1) You would ship your work to our storage to arrive at the set date. If you have used an agent, because you are shipping from outside of the UK and EU, you would ship it to them and they would forward the delivery onto to our storage after checking through UK customs

2) Our technicians would transport it within London to the venue, check it and hang it according to your hanging plan.

3) Promo staff would process any sales on your behalf. It would be transferred to you.

4) After the show any work not sold, the technicians would repack and transport back to our storage space.

5) You would receive an email from our shipping department that there is work to pick up.

6) You would arrange your shipper to pick up again (or, depending on your shipper, we could do the paperwork this side for free).

Do You Print Art Work?

No. Exhibitors that ask this question are usually considering the shipping option. We suggest that you send a digital file to a London printer who will then frame and deliver to our storage. This is the method that previous exhibitors have used in the past with success. It saves you shipping costs.