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July 20-22, 2018

The twenty-second edition of Parallax ‘Art’ Fair opens at our larger venue, Kensington Town Hall. The event will open 20-22 July 2018.

The fair has become very popular with Londoners and we were featured on BBC Radio London and London Live TV this year. The younger sister of Yoko Ono, Setsuko Ono, held part of her first UK exhibition at the fair and we were asked to curate and organise her further exhibitions at Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and Asia House, as well as related lecture series by cultural theorists and historians. These were featured on the BBC, NHK and in the national press. The fair itself has hosted practitioners of all experiences and backgrounds - from new makers and college students to practitioners with 30-40 years exhibiting experience. The larger venue in Kensington means more space for exhibitors and a bigger environment, especially as we average 10,000 - 16,000 visitors, many of whom are regular now. We have reduced the rates on most spaces in line with our goal of creating a full-scale consumer fair aimed at supporting entrepreneurial artists and designers. The venue also has an underground car park and is just off Kensington High Street, one of the busiest shopping streets in London. The highest sale ever made at PAF has been £13,000 and the highest profit, a whopping £25,000. Average sales are £300 - £3000. We also support your skills-base through our manual and training-video centre on face-to-face selling and business.

Exhibiting in July 2018 with us will prove to be an important and exciting moment for you. We hope that you will join us in this exciting opportunity.

Please find the: July 2018 application (for Artists/Designers)

July 2018 application (for Galleries)

Please also see our books section.

Movie from our Chelsea Town Hall fairs.

Setsuko Ono at Daiwa Foundation; curation by Dr C G Barlow