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How do I hang my work on the boards?

You cannot use screws or nails directly into the panels.

For very heavy and large works (over 44lb), you can use steel bars or hooks (but make sure the D-rings on the back of your works are large enough to hook over):

All your works that are wider than 90cm should have snap-button screw studs (screws also do the job!) on the back at the bottom corners. They can be bought cheaply on Amazon:






For shelves, these can be hired directly from us and will be fixed into place for when you arrive to hang your work.






The works are then hung using moulding hooks with wires. These can be bought cheaply from Amazon, Ebay or STAS (

It consists of a moulding hook, which hooks over the top of the panel. Attached to that is a wire (steel for heavy items and perlon for lighter pieces) with a sliding hook on it. There are different models, but they look something like this:

All your works must have d-rings attached on the back and towards the top corners:

If you hire Package 1:  You must use velcro.

If you hire Package 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6: