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Do Exhibitors Pay to Hire Booths and Spaces?

Parallax Art Fair is essentially a consumer/trade event in a large venue with over 200 stalls and 16,000 visitors. It is not a gallery space or even like an exhibition. It is a large indoor market place where you are independent. Like any consumer fair, the exhibitors hire booths (or sections of booths) which are the equivalent of shop fronts. Although some exhibitors take part through grants that they have obtained or through the support of a gallery, the majority of exhibitors are self-funding and independent. Although this is not strange for exhibitors working in the design and applied arts sectors, where business and marketing is part of the training and one is expected to invest like any other small-trading business, it can be for some artists working strictly in the fine arts where a large fee for exhibiting is usually taken by the gallery on sales. The difference with Parallax is that the artist is not treated like a contracted employee, as they are with a gallery, but as an independent, small-trading business. One of the benefits of this format is that the artist has more control over sales and actually manages their own clients face-to-face. Fine Artists tend to be less experienced at selling face-to-face than designers and applied-arts makers, so it gives them an environment in which to learn and develop these important skills. This is why we keep the booth costs as low as we do.